What is Coworking?

There are always more and more people who work from home for one or various companies, usually doing work related to the Internet.

At the first sight working from home may seem ideal, but the fact is that it has many drawbacks:

  • It's difficult to separate family life and career.
  • You don't have an appropriate place where you can meet a client or a colleague.
  • You miss the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with colleagues.

Coworking is a relatively new way of working, which tries to solve these problems using professional synergies.

Professional synergies

The manager of a coworking space always looks for professionals to interact with, is active in creating professional and social events and tries to adapt to the lifestyle of the coworkers.

Without losing of the advantages of working from home (freedom and flexibility) we can add the benefits of belonging to a more conventional professional environment. Sharing expenses is also another of the many advantages of coworking.